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Director & Producer Marc Pierschel

Marc Pierschel was born in 1978 in Hildesheim, Germany. After studying sociology and cultural studies, he filmed Edge – Perspectives on Drug Free Culture, a documentary about the American youth subculture of straight edge.

In 2013, Live and Let Live followed – a documentary about the human-animal relationship and the history of the vegan movement. The film deals with the current debate on the morality of livestock farming and its impact on the environment and human health, and illuminates the essential perspectives in an impressive and emotionally subtle way. Half financed by crowdfunding, the film ran nationwide in cinemas as well as at film festivals in Germany, Italy and Austria. In 2014, the film was picked up by German distributor mindjazz pictures and in 2016 released worldwide on Netflix.

In the summer of 2015, Marc Pierschel accompanied the Berlin activist group Hard To Port on a two-week campaign against commercial whaling in Iceland. The resulting documentation, 184, lends insight into the work of the activists, who are trying to document the brutal whale hunt off the coasts of Iceland.
In his new film The End of Meat, Pierschel continues the ideas and reflections from Live and Let Live and raises the question of a meatless world. Eighty percent financed through crowdfunding, the film was released in German cinemas by mindjazz pictures on September 14, 2017.